Sunday, February 05, 2012

Advice on Pune pubbing choices

To anyone shopping around for clubbing options in Pune, here's what I recommend: Skip Hard Rock - especially when they do 'cutting-edge' stuff like get Indian Ocean (Indian Ocean?!?!$!) to play  their songs from 5th century BC. (I'm pretty sure Kandisa dates back to that time by now.) And when the crowd wants an encore (why they wanted it after the band modified a perfectly good song and made it gimmicky is beyond me!), some dolled up chick comes up on stage and says, "Please let them go now. They played for you and they are tired."

Now, that's what we love to hear about our rockers!

Instead just head over to Cafe Leo's (in the same vicinity) and try their olive risotto or their cream and pesto fusilli. Tasty food, charming ambience, and (if that kind of thing means any thing to you), an off-shoot of the Mumbai Leopold's.

And if you do really want the 'Hard Rock' experience, just head to Mumbai.


Vinita said...

I didnt even want the Hard Rock experience in Mumbai. And yeah, Indian Ocean's tired coz they're all octogenarians.

Mukta said...