Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wish it were different

When sunlight oozes out of the sky like some A-grade cream cheese out of a Waitrose tube; when a soft puranpoli lies rolled up, fresh and warm on a plate; when a cup of the world's best tea is served in a favorite Cerulean blue mug; when the thickly wrapped book in brown FlipKart delivery cover has just come in; when you have ripped open said cover with an injured finger and a chipped nail; when the new book lies unveiled crackling with the goodness of tasty writing, when the day stretches on deliciously and the night promises to ooze out like some more cream cheese from a Waitrose tube...then there mustn't be a deadline for finishing up a press release.

But what to do? There is.

1 comment:

renuka said...

You write like little drops of sunshine and cloud in chocolate wrappers...