Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That other thing

This is really just a note. I put it down quickly, though, because I don't think a day should be lost without people sampling what I'm writing about here. It's the red hummus at Moshe's.

I was at Palladium today with my parents. I really wanted them to try the Egyptian dukka at Moshe's. Mum's agenda was to buy off the Rohit Bal store, so she just slurped through the fondue impatiently. It's the beginning of the week with a million things going on in office. So dad was talking on the phone. The bubbling cheese with pretty seasoning got pushed around absent-mindedly. I thought that my latest earnings from an assignment could have been put to better use. Like maybe getting them tickets to Elephanta or something. This Egyptian dukka was clearly not getting the importance it deserved.

Father, after finishing his ten millionth call, mentioned that the fondue was too rich. He had spotted Lebanese on the menu and wanted hummus. Mum almost split a blood vessel because we would be spending more time at Moshe's whilst the latest velvet corsets and jackets in the Bal collection were getting bought. I explained to Ma that at Rs.87,000 and above, the lehengas and jamaavar coats wouldn't be flying off the shelves. She was a little petulant but agreed to stay a little while longer.

We ordered the pita bread and hummus. It came with two dishes - one was the regular white chick-pea hummus with a generous trail of olive oil. The other one was a reddish, slightly thicker paste. It was sweeter and I think it had peanuts blended into it. It just tasted so good! Dad suddenly ignored a couple of calls and Ma mentally nudged the Rohit Bal store aside for a moment. In silent communion, we ate, pushed each other's hands out of the way to mop up the sauce, and purred with satisfaction when done.

So, my pick of the Moshe menu was the Dukka fondue but now...it competes strenuously with that other thing.


Vinita said...

Sounds too yummmm!

Mukta said...

:-) it was, it was! am planning to go back for some more.

PA ;) said...

Well, that must be the roasted red bell pepper hummus then. Many a times red lentils are added to add more nutrition which also lends the colour...so it's Moshe's then when I come :)

Mukta said...

:-) that's an interesting piece of info...bell peppers in hummus. Yes it could very well be that.