Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A deep fascination for Shiva has led me to look at Mondays differently. I think it would take only an iconoclast like him to take the most dreaded day of the week and make it his own.
Today, I went for a walk twice. In the morning, I was in two minds. I'd stayed up all night working and surfing the net. All night was spent in thinking up Facebook updates but giving in to reading other people's instead. Life is so big. Life is so much. Little curlicues of it, the ones that get shaved by time, get put up on Facebook. I really like it.

In the evening, I met my friend and we went for our stroll to the usual place. Nowadays, it's getting dark really quickly. By the time we finish even one round, the sun has vanished and in its place, is a thick quilt of midnight blue. Sometimes, it comes with stars and a moon. Some other times, like today, it comes with nothing.

Towards the end of the walk, I was startled beyond my wits! I saw a huge, huge, huge snake! It was the most magnificent thing I have seen! It slithered along in great speed and gusto, zigzagging with a force I can't quite describe. My friend screamed and stepped back. Some other walker came up and asked, "Kya hua behenji?" I pointed mutely and croaked, "Snake!" He nodded and said it was a cobra.

I'm not sure it was a cobra, though. It was too magnificent to be around a Vashi park, for God's sakes. It's like, I don't know, finding an Aston Martin parked outside National College. Doesn't quite go.
In just a moment, though, a serene evening had become spectacular.

I thought of Shiva. A cobra, after all, could be this iconoclast's way of saying, "Heya!"

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crab said...

lol .. heya indeed .. :)