Sunday, October 16, 2011

And yay!

Last evening was comforting. It was like having warm custard pudding after an exhausting trudge in the rain. Last few months have been knotty. The past few weeks, however, have had me straining at the leash for some sanity and sleep. There has been an accident of some sort. Not too much harm done, but if the soul were a Martini, it's been shaken, stirred, spurted, and spit out.

Last evening, I met up with this friend who'd gone through the same accident, but seems to be taking it with amazing sang-froid. We went for a walk around one of those tiny market areas that Vashi has so many of. Sweet, earnest little shops displaying polyester nighties in alarming colors and prints, bright baubles and combs and all that. We took a turn and entered a side-road. Suddenly, any trace of it being Saturday night fell away. It was quiet and calm. Even the light from the street lamps fell softly. It felt like the world had suddenly been baby-proofed. No sharp edges, nothing to scrape or bump against. A mellow, placid little cocoon to wander about in for the night.

Then we came to this little pond by a temple. I remembered it hazily. Maybe I'd seen it a year ago, in the early rains. In the darkness, this place looked worn, yet peaceful. Like a fractured prayer bead. We sat and chatted for a while. There was a huge tree; I think it was neem. It looked as it had some morning breeze trapped in it that it wanted to shake off. While all the other trees were still, this one trembled and shivered daintily.

My friend then mentioned why I'd been writing so many sad things recently. Now, the question warranted some thought because it's not all been dreary and sorrowful. There have been dinners with friends and family, some delicious books read, some really good conversations, portions of good work done, money collected, money spent, excursions planned, and all that. But somehow, I guess I was waiting for the right kind of leisure time to write about this. Good, happy instances were like fine bone china. I'd bring them out for a 'special' occasion.

Today, I leave for Delhi for a couple of days. I'm so excited to be taking a break. I can almost taste the sweet nectarine of plush, computer-free hours. This morning, I woke up early to finish a couple of assignments and I got done in 2 hours, instead of 5 that I'd estimated. This, literally, has not happened in a long, long time! My feet are almost tapping to the joyful, upbeat drumming of my heart.

I thought I'd write all this down without further ado. Heck! I'll just use the bone china for breakfast.

So, SJ, thank you. The smiles are happening.

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