Monday, July 11, 2011


I have finally summoned up enough strength to get through a wad of work for today. I'm done. Complete. Clean. Finished. Slate is clean.

Tomorrow I have to trudge up to my father's office for some work. It will be fun I think but only if I can have a delicious langorous morning after having a heavy, sweet sleep. Unlikely because I intend to do some luscious reading - the kind of reading where I don't even blink. I am reading 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel and that book is so dense with soul!

I think some people are like butterflies. Or rather they communicate the way a butterfly lightly flits about you. Similarly, their words have meaning hovering around them. Like a sweet little mote on a beam of soft lavender light. Maybe the way, if you have shampooed your hair before you sleep, the next morning you get a lungful of the fresh juicy scent in your nose when you wake up. As I was saying, some people are gentle with their words and meanings. Like they spray a word with what they intend to say and let it float on to you. Unlike others. There are some who sew on meanings to their words - with those thick, big needles you sew shoes with. Why do I bring this up? I spoke to someone today who wouldn't give me her name. She said she had gotten my number from a common friend whose name she wouldn't disclose either. And then I gave up because her voice was sweet. She spoke so nicely. We talked about coffee and her preferences in tea and music. (I think it's a nice name for a soap - tea and music. I don't want it to be the name of a cafe or lounge. I want it to be something that gets on you and then in you and then, lost.) Afterwards, she said goodbye and hung up. I have a feeling I know her. I have a feeling she wants me to trace her and call her back. She didn't say anything outright. But everything she said lingers.

I would like to go swimming again. In the sea. The sea is such a massive crazy pet!  My senses just get an amusement ride thrill just talking about it.

Okay. I am tired now. Maybe I'll sleep well.


Vinita said...

Goodnight! Sleep well.

I love the name "tea and music"...makes me homesick. Hope it is a soap too.

Have you tried 'Waiting' by Ha Jin?

crab said...

sigh even me is feeling tired today. Cant say tho if will sleep well. you take care Mukta. good nite :)