Saturday, June 04, 2011

What an evening!

I had the most slurpacious, delicious nap this evening.  A full two hours luxurious tour of snoozeland. I think a full, great dinner had something to do with that. There was some Lebanese pilaf made with broken wheat. My mother uses an amazing Lebanese spice that makes the entire house smell good. It's got a nice, spicy fragrance.

Okay, so there was that Luscious Lebanenon-spiced pilaf.

There was also rajma - just the way I like it, very soft with a slightly thick gravy. Wheat rotis - unevenly baked and hot from the tava. And the piece de resistance was the taal gud someone got us from Kolkata. Hot rotis or puris with slightly warm and runny taal gud is one the finest combinations I have ever, ever,ever come across. I don't like rotis too much. But with taal gud, I can eat a dozen.

As I systematically moved through my plate (heaped as it was), there was another kind of delectable drama happening in the sky. Grey clouds gathered. They got passionate and turned black. Heavy gusts of wind blew everything asunder. It felt like this world was a page that had become stuck and someone was furiously trying to turn it.

After I ate that and watched this beautiful crazy storm, I felt sedated. Heavy, molasses-like, thick velvet sleep overcame me and I don't know how I found myself under cool sheets. Sleeping. Maybe even peacefully dead for a couple of hours.

Over time, my definition of success has changed. It now features quality of sleep.

Today, I won.


Anonymous said...

a lot of people find they sleep better at their parent's place...

maybe, it does have something to do with the food!

crab said...

and i thought maybe i was the only one who felt that way! @ better at parents' ... :)

Mukta said...

not too sure about that anon. I stay with my folks and I have spent sleepless nights here as well. :-)

crab said...

sleeplessness also happens but mostly i feel i sleep better @ mum's ... on an average :)