Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Well, just...

It is the first of June and I find myself in my father's office. I have to wrap up some work urgently and then head to a meeting at Worli Naka in the afternoon. So, of course, there is no reason why I should be blogging. However, like I said, it is  the first of the month and there is always a fresh, crisp feeling when one does something on the first.

Like my little nephew. He managed to be born on the first of June five years ago. In his short, checquered life, he has learnt to make life simple for those around him. Therefore, when I asked him, "What do you want for your birthday?", he said, "Anything...make it big but." These are exactly the sort of guidelines one looks for in life.

My neighbor from Vashi has shifted to Mahalakshmi. A very sweet girl with stormy moods. She's a great cook and loves feeding people, which is why my deep affection. In Vashi, for the longest time, she was feeling restless. Today, from her new home, she texts me in the morning (a time of day I don't think she's been acquainted with for a long time). "I can see the treetops!", she says. Now, upon catching the sight of brilliant green in the morning, she is planning a luncheon for her friends. There was some talk of having 8 different kinds of cheeses and fresh, hard and crusty bread from Indigo Deli.

Last few days have seen some slipped opportunities. This month, though, I intend to remedy that. I think every month must have one over-riding priority. A goal to which every other action and decision must be subservient to. This month, I shall make mine business development. Just spend a solid week or ten days polishing up my resume and compiling a portfolio of work. Yes, that should give my work a boost.

Okay, this is it. I will get back to work now. The first of the month has been tackled. I'll leave the rest for other days.

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