Monday, June 20, 2011

That IS the spirit

Bad things happen. How one responds makes the difference.

Long time ago, a woman was accosted in a local train and thrown off while 3 other female passengers watched. The CM at that time gave a statement that this was a one-off incident and that Mumbai was still safe for women.

Another time, a woman was mauled badly near Gateway during New Years. The Police said that the girl and her friends were warned against going to that spot.

Yet another time, a girl was molested badly on New Year's eve by a bunch of rowdy drunkards. The Commissioner of Police, at the time, gave a statement that nothing more could have been done to prevent this incident. Adequate police force were deployed all over the city.

Recently, a journalist was shot dead in broad daylight by two people on a motorcycle in the city. BUT this time...this time it was different. The Police took a stand. They acknowledged that they had let down the citizens of the city. That they had been lax and careless. The Commissioner of Police went on to state that crime reporting in Maharashtra should be carried out undaunted and the police would provide whatever support necessary. Arup Patnaik went on to promise to make Mumbai the safest city for its citizens.

No callous whitewashing here. Just simple, strong resolve.

It is this spirit that makes a city's people feel, not just safe, but brave.


Kuppili Pavan Rohit said...

Wow!!! nice one!!!

Mukta said...

:-) thank you.

Anonymous said...

it also says that molestations, rapes, eve-teasing, and stripping a woman of dignity etc don't count. murder of some, and i repeat some, does.


[blue athena]