Friday, June 17, 2011

Back home

I'm back from an impromptu trip to Goa. My cousin arranged this holiday with his family and I tagged along. Goa has such a pulchritude of lazy, indolent, gut-wrenching prettiness. It's a joy to share it with just about anyone - your family, your friends, an ex-lover you just made peace with, your dark inner cynic, your impoverished romantic heart that seems to have a windfall when it sees a wild fortress sea at Candolim.

This trip was quite an adventure. You haven't really seen rains unless you have seen them on the ghats. We stayed back a night at Amboli because we couldn't proceed to Goa. And in Goa, we did a million things in a couple of days. We took a cruise in the middle of a blazing storm, got drenched at the Calangute beach, supped on parathas and xacutis and luxuriated in the opulence of churches. The best part was smelting in the joys of my niece and nephew. That feeling of walking into huge walls of waves with kids in tow - the exhilaration is unbeatable.

I'm now home, in Mumbai - warped and wefted in the songs of the sea. With my mum's cheery chatter in the background and good food in my belly. With the terrace splattered with streaks of rain. With ropes of grey clouds getting more thickly interwined by the second.

Life is good. Actually it's more than that. Life is goodness.

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crab said...

And here too just back from the seaside today .. SO missing the songs of the sea :)