Monday, May 09, 2011

Oh! That was good!

I was feeling so hungry a half-hour back. Looked through the fridge for something that would go with my  black coffee. There were a couple of chocolate donuts, which were 'meh'. A large scrap of Kabuli naan. But this naan isn't from Copper Chimney, Worli, so I am not really interested. Bread from that place was my absolute favorite as a child. I remember being fascinated with the see-through kitchen, with chefs flailing large flaps of dough, as if testing the flight of magic carpets. Then the naan would come in a huge wicker basket, sweetened with dry fruits and seasoned with black jeera. I used to fold and dip that in black daal, all the time feeling like I'm eating shreds of a magic flying carpet. I was always ready for a take-off after every meal. Unfortunately, the only place I did take-off to was the toilet. Black dal can be heavy!

Anyway, getting back to the fridge. So, the Kabuli naan didn't cut it. There were a couple of soya cutlets that looked too dry. A bar of nutribar looked desolate in its music-video-type garish wrapping paper. Finally, I spotted it. A little bowl of sevaii.

I didn't want anything too milky and thankfully, this vermicelli preparation was not a kheer. It was browned and toasted well in ghee and sugar, tossed about with some elaichi and badaam and that was it. The best part was that the sevai was not too clumped. It still had a good bite to it. And it wasn't too sweet, so I could enjoy the bitterness of my fresh, roasted coffee. And it wasn't too soggy, so it looked real pretty in the light-blue bowl.

Just finished it. It was nice. So nice. The fridge indeed hides many a spelndored thing.

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