Thursday, May 19, 2011

How can it be otherwise?

Different observations. Same story.

On twelve separate occasions, I've heard men lament that women nowadays are getting more 'male'. They are more aggressive, more intolerant, more harsh, rigid, dominating and intolerant of differences. From what I see around me, including myself, I think they have a point.

Also, nowadays there is research establishing connection between a mother's emotional health during pregnancy and the health and personality of her baby. I endorse that thinking.

The sex ratio in this country is so skewed that, according to a BEST infomercial, the percentage of female population has dipped to its lowest point since Independence. It's not for me to 'believe' in female infanticide. You just have to see the number of little girls versus that of little boys anywhere - school buses, parks, malls - and it's clear. Some forms of life are not seeing the light of day.

I think that all this - chronic female aggression, state of the womb and female infanticide - is connected in a big, big way. If a foetus is in the womb of a person who is contemplating killing it or is deeply fearful and unhappy, imagine the trauma and distress that gets communicated to the unborn child. Surely it's going to have an impact somewhere. At a very deep primal level, the entity knows that its survival is at stake. Now, if per chance, the foetus is not killed and actually comes into this world, surely there is bound to be distrust. After all, it is now in a space where it faces real, acute threat. Forget about social conditioning. Even at an instinctive level, this is bound to manifest. A girl will be more aggressive and defensive to ward off attack, actual or perceived.

These defenses will exist even among women who were born earlier but are part of this shifting humanscape now. I think we all carry with us an ancestry of combating cruelty. Even if we don't know it, maybe our body senses this marginalization. Maybe everytime we see the suffering of our own kind, some primordial instinct gets activated. Maybe it gets tangled in some DNA or gets fused with nervous impulses. Maybe instinct makes these strains of hostility against men, against the world, stronger. We see the environment as a system set up for our extinction. And we behave accordingly.

I have left out culture, value system, conditioning, etc. out of my theory deliberately. All these are moot when survival itself is in jeopardy.


Ilango Nadar said...

Good perception Mukta!

Mukta said...

thanks. :-) said...

your first paragraph has almost a similar feel to it of what my friend was telling me yesterday :)