Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Good mornings

I have joined a yoga camp this month. It is a 30 day program that takes place near my home. For six hundred rupees a month, it is quite a happy investment. This is my third time at this yoga camp. My favourite batch so far has been the first one, though. The first time I was taken through the paces of sitting properly, breathing properly, and doing the bhushirasana. I am not a big fan of inverted poses, although they are the quickest way to get my arms and calves in photoshoot shape. I have dabbled on and off in yoga for a while now. It started when I was in Pune. I had a really good teacher then. In fact, I've had some really good yoga teachers since then. The teachers in Bandra were really good. That is the one thing I have started missing most about Bandra. My yoga class. I can always get my Carter Road, Bandstand fix whenever I want. But the yoga class is a little out of reach.
I leave for the yoga classes at 6 a.m. It's a little later than what I am used to, but it will do. It's a twenty minute walk from home. I usually take the lanes by the little marsh behind the house. It's a longer route but a far prettier one.

Stepping out of the house at six is perhaps the best thing I do for myself throughout the day. I love summers. I love everything about it, including the heat. It brings out the shy sweetness of the soul. At times, I think we are all melons. With summer, all our layers get peeled back to free our essence. It’s all fragrant and lush.

Oh, and the colours! They are exceptional! On the way, there is a kind of a wasteland. There is a tree that has the most vivid, eclectic blooms. From a distance, the flowers look like little bow-ties and they come in a stunning palette – orange, purple and pink. At times, saffron sunlight peeps in through the interwoven leafwork. That spot is stunning.

Then, I take a lane that is lined with laburnums that seem to be decorated with strings of gold coins. Usually, there’s a nice, cool breeze.

By the time I reach the class, I am already peaceful and happy. Sometimes, even just an hour later, the daily aggravations begin. But that twenty minute walk – seemingly through an endless, beautiful world – is just what the doctor ordered.


suparna said...

lovely, lovely! thanks for making my morning..

this is *just* what i feel about summers

Mukta said...

hi suparna, thanks...