Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Poem 12

I sit by the sea and try to write
But all I can do is stare
At the girl with a shining pearl
And cappuccino hair

Her head is down
And she has a frown
That's like a crease in the sky
Her face is smooth
And pure and nice
Like a conman's perfect lie

She gets up and goes
Almost floats away
Glides and soars as if a bird in flight
I sit still and long after she has gone,
I sit by the sea and write.


vennila said...

whimsical, lovely

GJ Singh said...

She sits by the sea and tries to die
but all she can do is frown
taken a muse by a scribbler from far
or maybe from the same town

frozen soul,
some tired hopes
a noisy, sad seashore,
ired by the foul,
the numerous nopes
and ired to her core

She breezes off the coast
climbs up a tower
and really does jump down
she who was taken muse
by a scribbler from far
or maybe the same town

the scribble-child
and his noisy pen
are yet pretty far from white
he sits smug
by the sea-shore
taking a bite and trying to write