Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's that shade?

I thought of a lipstick shade. It's bright orange - safety orange, in fact. With some cool undertones of coral and just a wee bit of tangerine blended with those burnt orange hues that mark FabIndia curtains. Now that I'm thinking, I may as well throw in some pigments of pink and terracotta. So, what do we have?

A shade so snap and pop that it unnerves. To be put on lips that can turn delectably vile and scorching. Not everyone can pull it off, though. It will only suit those whose spirit will be searing enough to match that unabashed orange-ness. You see it on a woman and you'd want to be careful around her. A woman who wears that...and wears that well...can easily get to be the wrong side of deadly.

I'd call that shade 'Sarcasm'.

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