Friday, December 10, 2010

Back to where?

Grit. Sun. Nip. Sudden. Nudges. Stranger to oneself. True to oneself. Grudges. Thump. Pat. Pull. Push. Traffic. Whizzing. Speed. Sloth. Cloud. Rain. Water. People. Footfalls. Silence. Squared shoulders. Bare hands. Goofy grins. Sweat in December. Wizardy all year round. Trick. Treat. Pee. Crowd. Nameless. Faceless. Celebrity. Rainbow-colored carnations. Night. NIGHT. Time melting away like unattended ice-cream. Memories solidifying like molecular gastronomy project. Flag. Whip. Too small to be big. Too big to be anything. Finishing line. Velvet rope. Iron curtain. I-land. Island. Hello. Goodybye. Why. How. Whatever. Rage. Grace. Ruin. Glory. Pride. Grit. Magic. City. Life. Living. Homeostasis. Home. Bombay.

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