Monday, November 22, 2010

Tree spotting

To stop the search
And one day find,
The symbol of a notion
You'd left behind
In the dust that sometimes a yesterday grinds
Tied to a link to which a future sometimes binds

Then to see the symbol
Of a tired memory
Limitless and miraculous
Like eternity
And heavy and nebulous droptlet
Like mercury

It wasn't the soaring sky
Or the roaring sea
My symbol of freedom
Was a thick, full tree

Note: My first trip to Bangalore. This city has made me notice trees for the very first time.


Puneet said...

Good to see you getting regular with the posts :), I had started missing them so much!
and yes Bangalore is an amazing city with all that greenery and friendly ppl , enjoy your stay.

Anonymous said...

Smooth :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mukta, I used to avidly follow your blog a year and a half back. Then I moved on and now as I come back to peep in I find a remarkable change in your thoughts. More mature, a little wistful, deeply introspective here and there. I don't know which one is better - the bubbly you or the calm now. I am still trying to figure out.