Thursday, August 05, 2010

It will happen soon enough

Last evening, my friend and I went to the Sea-Side café in Bandstand. One of his friends also turned up. We didn’t know each other. So, I smiled and said hello. He grumbled something and gave me a stern once-over. I offered him my sandwich. He ate it up and then casually announced that he is well-versed in reading auras and such type of things. He mentioned that although I have a good energy field (not surprising, since I had eaten a very hearty portion of paneer chilli already), I don’t have ‘a marriage in my destiny’. Apparently I had a strong spiritual journey to undertake and I should not get distracted by the love and companionship of mortals.

Perhaps I didn’t respond with as much deference as I was expected to. Or maybe I burped a little too loudly (it was the paneer chilli). To prove his point, he got serious.

He asked me: ‘You must be having trouble falling asleep?’


‘You are also very distracted? Can’t be pinned down with any one thing?’

‘Yes… how do you know?’

‘There’s a reason for that.’


He takes a good long gulp of coffee and wipes his lips.

‘It’s because you don’t have much time left. You’ll die soon.’

I gape. He catches the waiter’s eye and orders a chocolate and cookie milkshake.

Turning to me and my friend (who has blushed the shade of beetroot-carrot-turnip juice), he asks, “You guys want to watch Predator-4?”

Sarcastically, I respond, “No thanks. I don’t have too much time to waste on movies with no storylines.”

He nods understandingly and asks my friend, “You coming?”

Now I don’t know what to do with this information – where the major events in my life have been spelt out with such certainty. But here’s something interesting – Predator 4 has Adrian Brody. He was also in the movie ‘Brothers Bloom’. He plays the younger brother to a dominating Mark Ruffalo. In one scene, he tries to tell Ruffalo that he doesn’t want to live in his shadow. But he’s having some trouble saying it. So Mark Ruffalo tries to fill in the blanks for him. “You want an unscripted life?”, he asks Brody. Brody nods.

Weird how this scene somehow applied to that episode at Sea-Side café. Maybe it’s a stretch. But my life’s short. I’ll pick my ironies where I find them.


Jay Shanker said...

Lol!! I think it was the chilli that messed up your aura, Mukta. Have you seen Adrian Brody in 'The Pianist'? One of my all-time favourite films after 'Shawshank Redemption'.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Just Me said...

ha ha, at times I wonder how long anyone can live with a tendency to attract people like the "aura-reader" & a budding "tarot-reader" ;-)
On the contrary you survived me for a year, so I think you would live for atleast a century... & additionally I'll cast a spell for a long life for you!!!!

White Magpie said...

Hmm. The boy is misusing his power assuming he has it. There was no reason to do it. Abruptly. Usually the blessed don't disclose such events even if they are asked by someone. So..take with with a grain of salt..add some lemon..add some tequila and voila...