Monday, July 19, 2010


It floated past

like a gilded rose

My life beyond

The pond that froze

On a summer evening with tangled storms

With leaves of night, with sheaves of thorns

It comes back now

On broken wings

Bleeding blue

Yet it lightly sings

This memory of a forgotten time

With unswept mess on the floor of rhymes

A purple petal in a room of ice

With cinnamon flutes and walls of rice

Where madness had made such a mess

But that room, too, once housed a ‘yes’

A ‘Yes’ that tipped the moon and sent it falling

A ‘Yes’ that lived it all when life was calling

Now it lays down quiet near a frozen pond

Staring up, looking beyond

It lays down quiet while its heart still sings

Of gilded roses and broken wings

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