Friday, March 12, 2010

One thinks at night

Looking at the Jaguar showroom in Worli...those cars all sinewy and feral and virile.

Looking at Haji Ali in the light of the moon, with one strong lamp, lighting up a narrow path in the sea.

Standing alone in the midst of highrises, eyes blurring as they travel up lithe spines of architecture.

Counting cars that glide across clean, beautiful roads in smooth circadian rhythm, but paradoxically at night.

Waiters at ajuice centre wiping sweat off their brows, yet smiling and bringing you a napkin even when you're not a patron.

People waiting silently for a bus that doesn't turn up, and decide to walk home whistling.

Men getting into a sruffle, yet pulling each other out of harm's way when a car speeds past recklessly.

Scrambling across Bombay Central station, stopping to smile at an unexpected sight - a young, pretty woman in an orange saree selling eggs at 12:30 at night.

Rushing to get into a train...any train...because it is definitely way too late to get anything, and be proven wrong.

Looking at the surreal, gloomy, empty railway tracks that are stunning in a bizarre way.

Making plans to sit near the window seat because the train's going to be empty...but what do you know, a hundred people are already inside ...and a hundred odd waiting to get in.

Getting ready to say goodnight to the city, only to find out that it's too late. For some, the day has already begun.

And whilst all of the above was happening, one thought of what Voltaire said, "Some thoughts are like prayers. No matter what the position of the body, the soul is on it's knees."


vanderloost said...

I loved this.

Don't mind, Chiffoo, if I say this that quite a number of times your thoughts have roused a luxurious kind of romance which made me feel guilty later as it seemed such a far cry from reality.

But this I must say is so down to earth that I can smell the rainy fragrance of soil in my heart!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

vanderloost said...
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Serendipity said...

Mukta , I think you should write for a Mumbai Magazine.I'd pay to read this.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I'd pay to read this but certainly I have great appreciation for your candor, sincerity and sense of adventure. On that note, not sure too many would pay to read candor, sincerity, etc. Face value is lacking for sure in your blog.....looking at the Chiffonesque main pic, I notice it is also faceless.

So I wanted to get my two cents in, I guess. I stumbled upon your blog while googling "louise hay physical symptoms toothache" and I got your december 2006 post about the lady dentist who really wanted to be a gynecologist and told you she would pull your tooth out as if it were a baby. It made me laugh. More than laugh, it spoke volumes about you.

Did you ever figure out what deep beliefs were being extruded in the vessel of a tooth?

So, I've bookmarked you, buddy. This is a first for me. The first blog that I actually continued reading and wanted to post on.

Make it shine by keeping it real and mucky....
Oh, I find Holi to absolutely wonderful because it is the one time when we can all be So ridiculous together. We are all spinning to nowhere anyway....I say have some fun along the way. Though yes, perhaps these days it is more like a Mardi Gras than the playful sentiment it used to carry.

Monty said...

"a young, pretty woman in an orange saree selling eggs at 12:30 at night"

- How young? how pretty? and how much did she want to flog her 'eggs' for?

Also, what Serendipity said. Sometimes your posts are exceptional. Like this. So, a monthly article might just get you the accolades that are merited.