Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It happened one summer...

Summer evenings, winter nights,
And monsoon mornings gone,
Meeting, returning, and then departing,
Tomorrows dead before they’re born

Final days in an unreal place
That for so long had been home
For so long had been the light
Melting shadows of being alone

Footsteps finally tumbling down
Old, stained, rickety stairs
Footfalls treading yet again
Over velvet-like despairs

Empty eyes looking out on
Dark and empty streets
Counting types of bleeding hearts
When two wrong people meet

Tarnished hopes and rusty dreams
And hope that would stay a slave
In the empire of empty promises
Love’s loyal soldiers made

She clenched her fist imagining
That she still held his hand
She bit her lip and gasped for breath
Willing her heart to understand

She waited up until dawn
Remembering their first sunrise
But only recalled that when he’d walked out the door
She’d seen midnight in his eyes


omnithere said...

midnights are beautiful btw. they herald a new day. :)

Just Me said...

Beautiful, I don't wanna say anything else I guess.