Sunday, February 14, 2010

Looking around me

I left Bandra this Friday. When I pulled the door shut, I realized that I hadn't taken down the Christmas and New Year decorations. Made a mental note to take them off soon. After all, I only have a few weeks here.

Now that I'm in Vashi, I'm looking out the window and I see kandeels in white, shiny cellophane fluttering in the wind. My parents haven't taken down their decorations either. I'll leave to go out in a couple of hours. There's no agenda, really. I'll just be off to buy something for a friend, and maybe meet her at the airport later. See her off.

Then possibly head to town. It feels like a sad day.

Or maybe not really sad. Just a day, tired with so many details that are never going to get sorted out. I'll go to InOrbit now. Then the airport, perhaps. Maybe, on the way I'll try to spot decorations that haven't been taken down.

I think I need to look at having some goals for the week. I already have some, but I seem to be accomplishing them just fine now. So, perhaps it's time for a challenge.

Well, I feel very scattered today. So, there's no real strong thread of rationale tying up this post. And it's Valentine's Day. Does that mean anything? I suppose it does.

Love, hope, waiting, celebrating, taking home, taking for the New Year decorations one doesn't bring down.


Haddock said...

February and Christmas decorations still up ?

green said...

I haven't taken down my Christmas lights as well ! too much snow on balcony to go there.

And yeah, the day!