Monday, January 25, 2010


After a long time, I am reading a book, slowly - line by line, word by word, almost afraid to finish it up. It's Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

Every night, I go to sleep thinking about this book. Every morning, I wake up with this book in my mind. It's like being in love. It's fantastic.

This morning, I was reading a couple of pages, when I started daydreaming. I don't know what it was about - except that I was seeing myself as this impeccable person. All strong, sinewy, and exuding 'character' of intimidating proportions. I was thinking of designing some kind of a 'fasting' regimen to control my senses. Maybe then I'll become like this Siddhartha - if I tell my brain to shut up, it will. If I tell my stomach to stop feeling hungry, it will. It must be awesome to have that kind of self - control.

Anyway, I was lost in all this, when my cook taps me on the shoulder. She's brought me breakfast (hot porride with bananas and jaggery - it's yummy!) and some new dish she wants me to taste. (Brown rice with brocolli and soy sauce. That's tasty too.)

I make some happy noises and she goes back in to sautee some more vegetables. She's always sauteeing something. Suddenly, she turns back and says, "Didi...I think you should fast on Mondays."

"Why do you say that?", I ask, after I've checked to see if the transcript of my thoughts is getting displayed on my forehead.

"Good for self-control", she adds.

If I ever needed proof that the Universe was listening, I had it right then - loud and clear. So here goes...

Dear Universe, dear mighty, unknowable sanctum of power, dear haven of fulfilment and source of desires and all other patents of hysterical decided to talk to me! I'm thrilled. But to have my cook convey me a message on fasting?

I could do without the gentle comedy. Thank you.


The Bald Guy said...

So Bananas and jaggery?

You kidding me aren't you?

Mukta said...

Nope. I like it. :-)

Jay Shanker said...

I know what you mean with the book. I am reading "Pillars of the Earth" for the second time - letter by letter. Don't want to finish the book. Not that it will finish any time soon - it is a monumental piece of work.

Jay Shanker said...

Know what? My BIL can drop his pulse rate at will. All he has to do is concentrate and his beats drop by 20-odd in a matter of seconds. Not that he is a yogi or something. I have tried it too but the best I could manage was a constipated look.

Geetika said...

Siddhartha is one of those 'only' rare gems. you'll remember it forever.

vanderloost said...

Don't torture thyself, in case you are, Chiffoo!

God has permitted us to be on this Planet Earth just to savour His finest creation of all times...........FOOOOOOOOOD. (Good/bad, wholesome/unwholesome, need we judge? We mere mortals?)

Don't feel guilty either.
You just have to modify your perspective a little.

Say with me........."I shall not die of deprivation but exhale my last breath blissful, peaceful, sated and sumptuously nutrifed"


Mukta said...

'Pillars of the Earth'? the one by Ken Follett? Have heard a lot about it. Haven't read it though. In fact, I haven't read a lot by Ken Follett. The only one I read was 'The Third Twin'. I had loved it!

Geetika - you said it!

Hi no. am not feeling guilty or anything. It's just that I believe we have incredible potential - but that doesn't get realized because so much energy keeps getting dissipated. Maybe, some way of having that kind of control is important.

Jay Shanker said...

Mukta get hold of a copy if you can. You won't regret it. In fact there is a sequel too called "World without end". But I liked Pillars a lot better. It is set in the middle-ages and is a compelling read.

Allie said...

I discovered your blog last week. I finished Siddhartha this weekend. And I discovered this entry today. Coincidences made me want to leave a comment here.

Your writings are beautiful. :)