Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hey yippee! Hey yippee!

Sitting at work, typing away…looking on the screen, looking away; something tugs at you, on an ordinary noon; something pushes you to get out, and not a moment too soon; it’s gotten grey now, and all misty and fresh; tingly rain now, and windy to impress; it’s a November day, it’s a November game; to catch you off-guard, with god-bless-you type rain; it’s the quickening of heartbeat, like when boy meets girl; or when you step into a beautiful day... and a wonderful world.

*- when it rained in Mumbai and it was cool...in November!


Jay Shanker said...

Aaah... rain. Nothing like a rainy day with hot pakoras and a nice cup of hot tea. That's the life!

Dewdrop said...

I share your excitement :)
It turned misty, and cool, and the breeze tingled my skin ...it rained!