Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Middle finger type of mood

I am really upset today. Lost my cool after very long. Yelled so loudly at a cabbie that he started crying. Of course, saying sorry after that was of no use. Scraped my car against a tree. I don't understand why people create such a hue and cry over cutting trees. All those things should be uprooted and burnt, so that people can back up in peace.

I hate this...this having to meet human beings every single day. Why can't I just get a job where I could sit somewhere by myself and work?

Also, I wish the year ended. I wish the world ended. I wish I ended. I wish everyone ended and all those damn trees got razed to the ground. Maybe that's how I'll end. I'll be under a damn tree when it gets razed to the ground.

Life is so funny. And Death is a stand-up comic.


Monty said...

ah, nothing like some optimism and words of cheer on a Tuesday morning.

Anonymous said...

shaant ... gadadhaari bheem shaant !!

(jaane bhi do yaaro)