Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sometimes, simply...

You sit by the window, watching a regular day turn awesome by the minute. Skies get cloudy - like the grey, wise head of a demi-God. It pours steadily, and bright yellow and purple flowers shiver in their new adventure - one they didn't anticipate when they were buds. You nurse a cup of perfectly brewed tea... smouldering, angry with the world, trying to wrestle that poem from inside of you that won't come out. It's angry too, like a child who's not yet ready to leave the playground.

Then a friend stops by. With pink roses, strewn with delicate silver threads. In a sweet, little mud-pot. There is chatter, there is more tea. There is an attempt to leave. There is an attempt to get her to stay. Then there's a nice long walk by the pond. There's a much nicer, longer chat over coffee. There's a sleepover. There's channel surfing and more catching up.

Thanks Sue - for being a nice Saturday serendepity. May all your weekends be painted pink and tinted silver.

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