Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When I learnt oh so much about men

One evening, I was at a coffee shop reading a book. Some guy getting coffee at the counter came up to me and asked me if I'd read another book by the same author. I said I hadn't. He smiled and said, "Well, I hope you like this book. If we run into each other, let me know how it goes." I said I would. He smiled, I waved, he was gone.

I shared this with a male friend in the spirit of appreciating easy camaraderie between strangers.

My friend said that the man spoke to me because he wanted to sleep with me. The stranger didn't care squat about the author, he didn't care if we were like-minded, he didn't want to add value to my reading list, etc. "He spoke to you because you were wearing that”, he pronounced. (‘That’, by the way, was a hot ensemble of a ratty blue ganji and worn-out khaki shorts.)

“Really? He suggested a book because I’m wearing that?”, I asked with A-class sarcasm dripping from my voice.

“No! He suggested a book because he wants to get into that”, he chortled raucously pointing at my shorts.

I don’t think too highly of the male species…and yet, I have a better opinion of them than this member of the tribe.

P.S. - (Hey! Someone just recommended a film outside Globus...maybe he wants me to have his babies?)


arsh said...

that's an interesting viewpoint of one of the genders about his own mates.... I wonder what ur frnd would ve concluded if a female would ve replaced the man in the scene at coffee shop

kama said...

Ah men... men! What a predictable species!

Anonymous said...

please slap your friend. he'll learn to respect humankind.

Aries said...

People like this specimen and Shobha De evidently haven't met true men. De's book Managing Men is a slur on the gender - a few pages of that book is all any sensible person can endure. Men, as per her, are overwhelmed with desire....the only overwhelming desire I felt after reading those few pages was to strangle her with my bare hands.

shub said...

Frankly, as I read the first part, I thought it might end with him asking for your number or something, but since he didn't, I thought wow, that seemed quite sweet! Respect.
You shoulda asked your friend if that's the tactic he uses. Bah.

Mukta said...

Hi arsh,

Knowing my friend, I think he'd have made the same deduction even if it were a girl.

Hey kama,

:-) No re...I think its a species with several surprises!

Yes anumita - gladly! in fact I would've at that time too, except that I was eating a donut.

Hey Aries!
:-) well, i think she'd contend that you proved her right!

Hi shub,
It was sweet no? :-)

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Thanks for the tip ladies! I always thought he was a fool who tried such an obvious approach to get into a lady's pants. Didn't know it can work :)

p.s: Obviously no man in his right mind cares two hoots about a stranger woman's opinion of any book by any author.