Friday, June 26, 2009


I am old enough to have a mind of my own. I don’t need to get influenced by other people’s biases or inherit prejudices. But over the last two months, I can’t help being influenced by what my cousin told me…about ‘no. 8’ people - people whose birth dates add up to no. 8. Not their whole birthdates, just the first number. He told me that no. 8 personalities lead difficult lives – mostly of their own doing. They are wilful, stubborn, controversial, rebellious, and tend to have relationships fraught with angst. They are the ones born with varying sizes of albatrosses that they spend their lives trying to release. (He’s an 8 himself.)

To prove his point, he started pointing out people who were born on the 8th of a month, or the 17th, etc. If I’d talk about a particular person who was being tough to handle, he’d ask me when the person was born. If I told him exasperatedly about someone who was obviously making the wrong choices, he’d ask me their birth date. Invariably, these people would be no. 8s.

I don’t quite believe that. But, I have started wondering.

Yesterday, my parents had driven to Pune along with my brother. As they were already late while leaving from Bombay, I’d asked them to post-pone their trip. They, of course, said no. They took my car. On the way back, they had an accident. A truck hit the car from behind. It was quite serious, but thankfully…very, very thankfully, no-one is hurt.

I heard about the accident this morning. Even before my father could say it, I knew he had been driving, and not my brother. It’s my dad’s birthday today. 26th of the June.

Adds up to an 8.


Nihil said...

Seems true to me too. My Mom has her bday on 17th March and quite a sad life she has.

Serendipity said...

coincidence :) , dont worry Mukta , it happens! Cheer up maadi :)

I scribble here said...

OMG, how uncanny.. can think only one person right now whos bday falls on the 17th, dont know him well enough to know if he falls in that category, curious to find out now!

Aries said...

This sounds so like my mom. No, she isn't born on a date that has anything to do with 8,but she's neck deep into Linda Goodman's stuff. Linda after having written copiously about sun and star signs evidently delved into numerology before going insane. My mom clings on to the numerology stuff....Linda has a mouthful of similar stuff to say about 8.

White Magpie said...

hmm..the number 8 does have a trail of "difficulties" associated with it. That is true amongs the whole trail of people I know. Basically more with 4 and its multiples. Not a sunsign believer but then after God, it's only data we trust.

swati said...

How I wonder when I hear such things being dwelled so seriously by the people who seem to be so open minded n modern. How do the destiny makers bragging about the individuality of all n advocating self made destiny fall pray to such notions and start wondering about stars n bothering them. The numbers are numbers, invented by man and not known till the A.D. calendar n man has been here for so so many centuries to stay n cope up with his fate. To a lay man villager, unlettered n superstitious, it’s understandable but for the understanding of the modern educated folks I think it can be attributed to over imagination and a willfulness to make things sound more realistic. What Linda Goodman wrote gave her bread and butter but poor creature dwelling into the future of others couldn’t anticipate everything for herself. In this country of people more than a billion there might be soaring millions with that number so are we peeking into really something sour. Anyway I’m also a number 8 born on 17th with no regrets what so ever.