Friday, April 17, 2009

A good, good lunch

Today I was in a meeting that ate up into my routine lunch time. I was so hungry, i could feel my insides gnawing on each other. Started feeling giddy and all. As soon as I stepped out, I opened my lunch and tucked into my risotto. Yummy, that was!

Aah! Rice! The goodness of the world CAN be found in a grain...a grain of rice. Many grains of rice. Nice, happy mounds of rice. Sweet, little heaps of rice.

Goodness is rice. Godness is rice. Rice is nice.

And after that I ate some pedhas. A colleague was promoted and he'd got them.

Sigh! In the most centered little crevice of any molecular structure is satiety. (Mine, at least.) That's the feeling I live for.


The Idle Devil said...

Wonderful! :) Hey, I went searching for the second hand bookstore in Powai yesterday (u'd had a post abt it). No one had any idea where Great Punjab is. When you said Hiranandani Market I thought Galleria...or am I wrong?

Mukta said...

hey no! not galleria. okay, u know Dmart? if u stand in front of Dmart, to your right will be a lane towards Galleria. To you right, onm the other hand will be a lane to the market. From Dmart (if your back is towards Dmart), take a right. keep going straight. You will pass Subway, Mainland China, etc. Then will come the smaller shops and restaurants - Gary's Menu, Great Punjab, etc. Opposite that you'll find the 'L'Amour book library.'

Anonymous said...

the good ol' khichdi! Agree completely :)

Btw, do you have this restaurant Govindas? It's an international chain and serves the yummiest "Ram-khichdi" that i've ever had.

The Idle Devil said...

Thanks! :)