Thursday, March 05, 2009

Still Vegetarian but

this is what I am thinking about...

A thick, juicy mutton burger. One of those really fat slabs of tender mutton patty, deep-fried to a perfect, golden crisp – coated with a crumbly, tasty, slightly spicy batter.

Filets of fish fried in a batter of besan, chilli powder, and just a little bit of curd.

Juicy, barbecued prawns – glistening with liberal clumps of masala.

The slightly charred, smoky soft, delicately flavoured whole pomfrets.

A large baked dish of creamed rice with strips of bacon and pepperoni and cubes of beef and mutton.

Fried sausages slathered with sour cream and poached eggs.

A long, herbed and perfectly marinated raan – with meat that is so tender that you can scoop it up with a spoon.

A platter of soft, white reshmi kababs.

Spicy, pungent mutton curry with potatoes that have soaked in every trace of flavour of the gravy.

Mutton biryani, with lots and lots of nalli pieces.

An open Spanish omelette with layers of potatoes, mince, bacon, shrimp, smoked salami.

Kheeme, simply boiled and seasoned with dried red chillies, a little bit of crushed garlic.

Gobi paratha with fried egg on top.

Puris stuffed with pureed matar and spicy egg bhurji with lots of onions, chillies and haldi.

A big bowl of paaya.


Mumbai Diva said...

Oh god!!!! I'm supposed to leave for the gym in 10 mins and all i want to do now is eat. AWESOME LIST.

Mukta said...

hi diva,

gym, did you say? GYM?! Hey! Don't you be using foul language now! :-D

Satandit said...

~god girl !! and like Mumbai Diva said, I too am on a diet...and shoot...i am soo tempted. You're cruel girlfriend...C R U E L !!

Mukta said...

DIET? what is it with you people? Coming up and saying things like gym and diet here! Sheesh! It's like peeing on my wall!

Oh, by the way - a lot of this stuff is good for health. Paaya and eggs. :-)

omnithere said...

it happens when you are hungry. the stomach sends sinful, dripping with temptation messages to the brain, and then the brain makes the eyes glaze over with such dark(brown), fat (and sleep) inducing visions. just go and slowly start munching on a green salad, or some fruits, add peanuts to it if you "crave" some more ... and you will be back to normal AND still be feeling light and happy .. yes, happy. :)

Mukta said...

hey omni,

i went and had a glass of banana milkshake. :-) yeaH...made me a little happy!

Anonymous said...

you forgot duck roast... tender, glazed and dripping with fat!
so come, let's go eat..
- anumita