Friday, March 13, 2009

On my wishlist

Being leched at is never a good feeling; being leched at by office people is even worse; but worst of all, I think, is when you are being stared at in the office lift – and you can’t be sure if the person works in your office or not. I mean, usually, one could just shout or slap (although that is a bit extreme), but the prospect of running into the fellow in the canteen or in a project meeting does seem a bit daunting.

In a lift, usually, there are people from different offices…and maybe it is weird, but one does think that your own colleagues will not misbehave with you. Of course, this notion does not always hold good, but if one could just be more certain, I think one could do something. Or else, everything else be damned – the next time, anyone stares, I think it’s a good idea to just shout at the guy. If he has any shame, he will learn his lesson. If he doesn’t, well…maybe lifts should come with trapdoors for specimens such as these.


Satandit said...

~My solution to that is, esp if I am not alone('cuz alone such bravado gets one no where,esp since we are 'abla naaris) - is to go up to the person and ask 'waasssup?" -- it works chiffonesque - some do answer back and that gives me the chance to vent it- loudly and ferociously. Some just go red faced...!

Serendipity said...

Maybe u look very lookable :P , people cant help it no?

Enchanted said...

Hey, most of these idiots stare because they know we dont react. I think it is perfectly safe to look him in the eye and ask him if anything wrong and why was he staring. I bet he will not dare to do it again.