Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Before one calls it home…

My friend is looking to rent a flat in or around Juhu. And every passing day, she’s realizing what a big hoax the ‘market is down’ message is. I know that feeling. I mean, if the markets are down, and I still can’t afford anything, just how low in the barrel must I be? I suppose one should be grateful that one can at least afford a barrel to be at the bottom of.

In any case, for the longest time my friend wasn’t finding something she liked, and this was really getting her down. Yesterday, she looked happy, though. I asked her if she’d found a good place yet. She said no, but her brokers were getting increasingly resourceful and innovative.

One had taken her to see a place near Prithvi theatre. It was a small flat and a little out of her budget, but given the location, she was interested.

Until, she saw a big hole in the wall.

“Yeh deewar mein hole hai”, she pointed out to her broker.

Haan madam,” he nodded understandingly. “Aap AC fit karenge, to hole bandh ho jaayega.”

“Aur agar mujhe AC nahin chaahiye?”

“To hawaa aayegi na madam.”

And they say house-hunting is a boring job.


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

There is a real estate bubble in India. Inflated real estate values created by lax regulation that allowed increased foreign direct investments in the market. So the prices of real estate and housing are inflated right now. The market is down means there is a credit flow crisis that is leading to lesser spending and consequent job cuts. A prolonged slow down in the Indian economy such that it possibly slips into a recession while there is also a global recession could bring down the real estate prices. But right now, because of the pricing lag and the minor nature of the slow-down in India, it won't reflect yet in the housing market. If it is any consolation to your friend, there is possibly going to be a severe reduction in money flow into India in 2009 which might help her get 'cheaper' housing in 2010 :p

Btw, LOL@“To hawaa aayegi na madam.”

We have an answer for everything! :))

Anonymous said...

LOL :)

xt@$y-13 said...

Another para for 'Brokers say the darndest thing'

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

I told you so ;)

Chitra said...

Whaaaaat? :D :D :D ! Resourceful, they are!