Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bangkok memories on a plate

This here was pepper prawns. (I ate meat in Thailand.)

My assorted meats fried rice here.

The white balls are octopus and the dish next to that are prawns. I love sea food, in case one didn't notice.

This was a delectable heap of glass noodles with fish, beef, chicken, eggs, prawns, mince.

The pineapple drink alongside my food was my Mai Thai. I also consumed liquor in Bangkok, but unfortunately it didn't do anything for me. I guess if you abstain from anything long enough, your body gets used to doing without it. However, to complete my repertoire of drinks, I did have bhaang last weekend and it. knocked. me. out. Now, I have having it for the first time and I liked it with milk and thandaai and all...but the very best way is to stir in spoonfuls in chilled Coke or Pepsi. I think a dark cola just makes anything taste good...and potent.

That's my shrimp cocktail and lemon grass iced tea. I loved the cocktail. Usually, people smother the shrimps with the dressing, but this dish here had the dressing on the side. In fact, even without the dressing, the shrimps tasted fantastic - sweet, crunchy, and fresh. That iceberg lettuce hit the spot, though.

There's plenty more stuff that I ate but I can't post them here because it breaks my heart to think I will not be eating meat again. Sniff!


The Idle Devil said...

Gosh...the glass noodles....sigh!! Recently back from Thailand...I miss the food!!

I scribble here said...

hey that looks divine..
i have never had bhaang, i hear its really intoxicating, must try
and why cant u eat meat again?

Serendipity said...

bbut mukutha u said ud turned veggie! that was only on indian soil?

Mukta said...

yes devil, i know exactly how you feel!

Hi scribble....well, bhaang is very tasty...and as for the blurry hangover and stuff...yes, one can happily do without it.

Hi Serendipity,

yep...i am a veggie convert - but make allowances on foreign shores. :-) But I have had my fill of meat now, so I think I can be off them for good now.

sukku said...

Finally your seafood became see-food. Nice pics thou and it looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.

Joe said...

Octopus's have balls??

Wow! I learn something new everyday! :D