Monday, October 27, 2008

New Y(ay)ear!

I love making New Year plans! J and I are planning to go to the hills for New Year and maybe trek to Triund as well. I have wanted to go to Triund for a while now, and hopefully this year it will happen.

So, right now here’s how things stand – J and Cy will come from Hyd, I’ll take a train from Mumbai, and both of us will meet in Delhi. Both my roomies would have moved to Delhi by then, and I’ll meet them there as well. Hopefully both will join us on our trip too. It will be so much fun…I can’t wait!

Oh, the best part is that I will probably have to hang around in Delhi for a few hours by myself until J reaches. So I was figuring out what to do. I will probably get down at Nizamuddin and hang out at Connaught Place. Now although I’ve been told that Nizammudin is close to CP, I’m not sure how close I’ll be to the Paalika Bazaar side of CP. I’ll probably roam around over there for a couple of hours and watch those guys park cars in that big parking space in the centre. I used to love watching that. I suppose the shops should be open by then. (I think the Rajdhaani will reach around 10 a.m., so I should be at CP around 10:40 or so.) After my excursion there, I’ll walk to Janpath, and if I get some more time, I’d like to take the metro and go to Daryaaganj. But I think I’ll probably be in Delhi on a Wednesday, so I won’t get to see the book bazaar. Sigh! (Even as I write down all this, I don’t think I’ll be able to manage it all within 4 hours, but I’ll try. Sadly, I won’t be able to do Lajpath Nagar or GK I and II and Saket in that much time, but I’ll leave all that for some other trip. Although I really did want to visit Lajpath Nagar and buy little hand-mirrors made of wood and tiny, colourful beads.)

Later, I’ll meet J at Dilli Haat whenever she reaches. But that’s just wishful thinking on our parts I guess, because we will probably have to go to ISBT or Janpath and catch the bus to Mc.Leods Ganj soon after. Gosh! I hope we get tickets.

If anyone has any other ideas on what I can do in 4-5 hours near CP, do let me know. (And no…I will not simply wait at ComeSum. Hee hee! Although I had liked that place a lot earlier.)

I feel so strangely excited. The last time I landed in Delhi by train, I was just married and the city was this huge big place that I would explore with someone else. It was like having someone read out a story to me. And I’d looked forward to that. So much has changed since then. I’m separated now and will land up there alone. But I can’t wait to get there and take in the sights and sounds at my own pace, in my own way… Now, I’ve learnt the language and am really looking forward to reading the story…before my friends and I head for the hills.

This time, the story will have a happy ending.

Happy Diwali, people! Good things will happen, I tell ya!


omnithere said...

you will do no such explorations on getting off the train .. sowwy!! :) there's be an address safely tucked in your wallet, or in your pocket. you will get off the train, get out the station, get a pre-paid auto/cab and reach that destination and just ... chill .. :)

I scribble here said...

hey reading this has got me all excited and cheery.
super plans i say, i hope u manage to do all of that. and ofourse, who would want to kill time at comesum when you have only a couple of hours! the one place i never miss out going to near CP is "people tree" i love the stuff at that store.not too sure if they have a branch in mumbai as well.
do check it out if you find the time.
But FOR NOW, i shud stop browsing through the delhi blogs.. just sometime back i wrote a comment on another one and i repeat- u guys are making me way too nostalgic.
delhi beckons.

Aries said...

Mukta- If you come on a weekend I could chauffeur you. You oughta spend more time in Delhi, 4 Hrs is an insult to Delhi. CP isn't so close to Nizamuddin. If all you've got is 4 hrs, you'll probably just end up going to Lajpat Nagar because it's a 10 min drive from Nizamuddin and Dilli Haat is a mere 10 minute drive from Lajpat Nagar.

Ok...I guess I'm messing up your itinery. Just do it the way it pans out, depending on when you land up and how many hours you have on hand.

I scribble here said...

hey but dint u have plans of visiting dubai in december.. whatever happened to that.. COME!!

Renu said...

Delhi haat is the best place to roam around and do window shopping, specially now the weather will be so pleasant over there.
Came here just hopping like that:)

Mukta said...

Oh come on omni! Come on! For ole time's sakes! I promise it will be fun!

Hi scribble...ahem! yes! dubai..well, as it turns out, I can afford any one place that begins with a D and ends with an I. And your D-I is waay more expensive than the D-I I plan to visit. Sheesh! I overestimated my amount of spending money.

Hey aries!

WHAT?! Lajpat Nagar is closer to Nizamuddin than CP? Really? I never...oh well, what do I know! But no, seriously? you sure the places in Delhi didn't sort of move around a conveyor belt and got rearranged? he he he!

Oh! Thanks so much! You don't need to chauffer me around re...but we could hang out some place in CP, if you don't mind, until I meet J. Any interesting coffee places there? Maybe Cha Bar at Oxford? Oh shoot! Sorry i think i'll be reaching on a friday morning, not a weekend. :-(

Maybe, on weekdays, CP is closer to Nizamuddin than Lajpat Nagar? hee hee hee! (Yes, yes, i am being daft but...)

hi renu...yep - thats where J and I had planned to meet.

Aries said...

Mukta - check out this map. Here's the link:

Its not to scale, but should give you a fair approximation of locations.Pls could you push off Friday to Saturday if possible? And remember, I'm still off tea and coffee so it will be torture to smell fresh brewed coffee while I'm trying to lay off.

Mukta said...

hi aries,

will try to reschedule but you see, I have to co-ordinate with J, so it looks difficult. but never mind, will call you when i am there.

and no tea/ coffee? okay, i'll finish my chai and stuff before I meet you, and then we'll have juice. :-) Mmm...carrot juice!

Aries said...

Mukta- Don't bother rescheduling if the itinery's even the slightest bit finalized. I understand there will be lots of bookings linked to the arrival date.

And yes, carrot juice sounds perfect.

Mister Crowley said...

Um. Palika Bazaar is in the middle of CP. It's a circle,