Thursday, October 16, 2008

The house that's painted in my shade of happy

Open windows, marble stairs
Sunshine, rain, and wicker chairs
Moonlight dancing on silver spoons
Orange, yellow, and lavender rooms

Lush green plants outside the gates
honeysuckle painted on china plates
bowls of custard and summer fruits
And racks of slippers and high-heeled boots

Magenta cushions on the floor
A tinkerbell knocker on the door
A quilt with pictures of time gone by
A cobbled balcony to gaze at the sky

Roses growing in knitted bags
Mirrors framed with colorful rags
Organic soaps and scented candles
Gingham aprons and shiny handles

Doors that open up
to a shaded glade
Pickles and jams
all home made

A rocking chair
in postbox red
A big wood oven
to bake unleavened bread

Merlot bottles with moneyplants
Candy, mints and tibetan chants
Find their place in a treasure chest
That's where they fit in best

Rainbow beads and earrings too
hang across a silver net
They catch the winks of a playful sky
right when the sun's about to set

Later when night falls
With dulcet tones and velvet ease
Those lamps light up -
the ones hung on the trees

And within these walls
lives the irony
that only within these walls
i am free


Leela A said...

Lovely poem, Mukta. My kind of place.

Serendipity said...

U are free inside Bandra also , no?

I scribble here said...

what a pretty home
n for the nth time i repeat, u write very well!

Mukta said...

hey leel,

in that case...welcome!

Hi serendipity...:-) but i have to drive it around na...that's work...but yes, Bandra is glorious too...

Hi scribble..thanks... and don't let the 'nth' time stop you. he he he!

Sushma said...

Ohhh, you just penned down my idea of home!
Love it! :)

Aries said...

Hey, I loved this. And the last stanza is beautiful.

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Last stanza(?) was a sooper observation!!

I scribble here said...

new post we want!

chandni said...

look here -

your post has been lifted and passed off as someone else's!