Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Your thoughts on this?

I got an email that forwarded this link and called the Vogue article tasteless and shocking. I wonder why...I'm not too sure whether the photo-shoot in Vogue is tasteless or not. My instinct is to say no...because I don't like any judgment calls given from a moral high ground. But again, the article does have a point.

Around me, people are celebrating with feasts and submergence of deities when elsewhere a part of country is drowning. But that isn't shocking or tasteless because....?

I don't know.


Satandit said... wrote exactly what
I ve been thinking for days now...what with things happening in one part of the country, the news people are worried about a 'celebrity' comment and cancelllation of a 'premiere'. And then on the other hand, where people are dying - there are those who try to make money off of people generous enough to give them some for the cause...shocking or tasteless? I dont know...I am too disgusted by far...Take care~

bluespriite said...
This is a story done in response to the same article... the comment by Vogue India's editor.. is very pertinent..

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Here's my take:
Nobody in the $1.25 per day category is ever going to see this ad because they can't afford the magazine/TV or whatever publicity medium is used. So no one in their own ilk, which is being mocked, is even thinking about it. The upper class is going to look at the thing with an amused smile, find it eye-catching and may be buy this or another expensive brand depending on whether they approve of this ad or not. In any case they are going to spend that 1000 dollars. It is the middle class that is debating while they are very remotely connected to 1000 dollar bags and 1.25 dollar livelihoods, because that's what we supposedly intellectual middle classes do.

Its best to just let it go as just another ad. If anything, the 10 poor people brandishing the fashion apparel might've been paid more than their 1.25 dollars for participating in the ad, and they are so much the better off for it.