Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Didn't see it that way

It’s late at night. Dei (my roommate) and I are having tea in the verandah. We are dozing off in the cool, yummy rainy air. We’ve planted a banana tree outside our home and there are pretty white flowers blooming all over our gate. There’s a dog cozying up to a bag of cement across the garden. And a soufflé shaped cloud hides a thick wedge of moon.

She’s talking about men. I listen and offer my advice – which isn’t much. And then she says something strange. She says, “You’re interesting. When you’re there, I guess your girl friends won’t miss their guys when they’re not around.”

A very odd thing to say. I’m touched.

1 comment:

BlueMist said...

Wow thats quite a complement !!

and I liked the way you have potrayed the scene. So seren , so quiet yet so magical !!