Friday, August 29, 2008

Quirks on demand (was tagged)

by Iscribblehere ( Thanks!

1. I don’t like repeating my clothes. I think clothes have memories and one shouldn’t inundate them with a whole lot of stuff.

2. I am a sucker for words and intelligent puns, witticisms, quotes, etc..anything to do with words: names, slogans and good tag lines. Here are a few I really like -

“Just do it – it’s not a slogan, it’s a conscience.” (NIKE); HSBC – the world’s local bank; Phoonk – it’s superstition until it happens to you; Mrs. Doubtfire – She was a blessing in ‘disguise’; An ad for Gap that had a little girl, a teen, and a mature lady dressed in similar print – the little girl wore a dress, the teen wore a pair of capris in the same print, and the woman wore a dress..there was a line at the end that said – For every generation, there’s a gap. An interview on Koffee with Karan with Sushmita Sen. KJo teasingly asks her, “So, what’s Sushmita Sen’s most beautiful asset?” She gives her dazzling smile and replies, “Most definitely, her heart.” Adidas - Impossible is nothing.

3. Every time I look at the sea, especially at night, I feel like walking through it to the end of the world. Somewhere I believe that the sea is my true, true home.

4. I feel that the sky changes colours based on the music you listen to.

5. I don’t wear sunscreen, especially on the beach and in the sun. I love a tanned dry skin – the kind of skin that if you scratch on it, you see white lines. I like skin that tells a story. The skin is a parchment and all the elements should be able to write on it – wind, sun, moonlight, rain, sea-spray, brush of a thistle, etc.

6. I like movies with voice overs.

7. I like music from movies whose titles have less than four words – Pretty Woman, Titanic, Paap, Saaya, Metro, Pulp Fiction, The Beach, Speed.

8. I have to go out and do something on a Saturday night. Doesn’t matter what!

9. When I have a lot of things going on and my days are all jumbled up, I can actually see a tangle of ugly, black threads when I close my eyes.

10. I want to have a SKODA-modeled pram for my daughter.

11. Rice makes me happy. Rotis make me feel I’m being punished.

12. I HAVE to settle all my bills as soon as I get cash. I can’t wait until the fifth or some date like that.

13. I never answer calls on my mobile, I keep my phone on silent all the time, and I charge it in the car. (My car has a car charger – yay! fancy! yay!..and I don’t answer my phone in the car.)

14. If I see anything beautiful, I imagine what it must be like in New York. (I think it’s my soul city. I’ve never been there though.)

15. I wonder how I will die.

16. I like making tea at nights. I hate making it in the morning or at four.

17. I have to eat tea after eating a spicy meal.

18. I don’t take photographs whenever I travel. Rely on memory. If I don’t remember it, it doesn’t matter.

19. I don’t look at myself in the mirror, most times. Usually, I comb through my hair or whatever looking at myself in a reflected surface.

20. I don’t like co-ordinated and symmetrical stuff.

21. I have to touch clothes wherever I see them. (I mean, not when they’re on people, you understand…I meant markets and stalls…)

22. I think that people from Harvard can NEVER be wrong. Especially Harvard Law School.

Wow! I must be an awesome person to know! (This, right here, is the biggest quirk of all.)


Ambuj Saxena said...

Tanned dry skin is one thing, and skin cancer is totally another. You may regret your decision later in life.

Also, if you "eat" tea, I think I can safely assume that you are a bengali. :P

Mukta said...

Well, I don't am sure I'm protecting myself enough..:-)

And I'm Oriya, so yes...close to Bengali. :-D

Ambuj Saxena said...

Not smoking at best will not damage lungs. But that doesn't offer any protection against skin cancer caused by exposure to UV light.

I scribble here said...

ooh, that was a lot of knowing u :)
and going through all of it, i realise how i cud have added so many things to my own list..ditto fr the sat night and rice bit btw, bong afterall

Anonymous said...

i dont think the 'no sunscreen' will cause cancer but i have serious problems with it... and also with the not answering calls..!!
i remember forcing sunscreen on you when that stupid woman took away my tube at the airport and i dabbed on as much as i could on myself and you :)
- anumita

Anonymous said...

well, u forgot to add something to the list....
"Anything that i dont like doing/eating causes Cancer" for e.g. hanging clothes in a hanger. ;-)

Anonymous said...

george bush went to harvard...but then people who dwell in the superficial don't much care for detail..(oooh there's a slogan!)

Mukta said...

second anon...what's your point? And..umm...that's not much of a slogan...but i guess you knew that already? You don't need to have gone to Harvard to see that. :-)