Friday, August 08, 2008

Everybody's a stand-up comic

It's a very rainy Friday night. Most of us will be working pretty late - some to avoid coming over the weekend and some others to avoid the traffic.

A colleague and I are fortifying ourselves with coffee for the long night ahead.

We listlessly go through the newspaper, and I happen to point out one article that says: "50 cent reunites with son."

My colleague quips, "Does that make him a full dollar now?"

Sigh. That's why no-one should work overtime. It's hazardous to (for?) humour.


Uptown Girl said...

Who is this stand-up-comedian?? :P

Impulsively Me said...


Mukta said...

hi uptown,

call me and will tell you. By the way, how's the new job working out?

Hey impulsive,


Smiley said...

50 cents. When musicians have to name themselves after money it is indeed the end of the arts :)