Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Very droll

A colleague's male friend sent her this text: This week is Breast Awareness week....Spread the slogan: "We stare because we care!"


I wonder what Hallmark has to say to that.


sanguine said...

good one !!

Mukta said...


I'll ask my colleague if she's got any other messages.

Anonymous said...

yes....he got that sms last nite while shopping for himself (with me around)....we did have a laugh at shoppers's stop...this "he" is our friend ---SC! :-)

Mukta said...

ah! there i was - slaving it away in office until late at long as one is spreading cheer and joy! He he he!

bluespriite said...

Among all the reasons to stare.. this has to be the most innovative one.

Ajeya said...

we do! care.