Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No-one really asked me, but I answer just the same

Last movie seen in a theatre?

What book are you reading?
Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver, Closers by Michael Connelly

Favourite board game?
Scrabble, Monopoly

Favorite Magazine:
Vogue, Marie Claire, First City

Favorite Smells:
Simmering spicy gravy, sea spray, freshly baked bread, a baby’s skin, rain, lemon grass, nutmeg, excellently brewed chai, jasmines, roses and oranges, fresh stationery and ink, Eternity, freshly laundered clothes, mangoes, vanilla essence

Favorite Sound:
A baby’s gurgle, pattering of little feet, rumbling of a storm, thunder, rain in all its cadences, waterfall, crackling fire

Worst Feeling In The World:

What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake?
Things are bound to get better today

Favorite Fast Food Places:
Le Café, Chembur; The Bagel Shop, Bandra; Mocha, everywhere; Bembos, Mulund

Future Child’s Name:

Finish This Statement. “If I Had A Lot Of Money I’d…”

Do You Drive Fast?
No. I’m really careful.

Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?
No, but I am swathed in a superbly fluffy red and black quilt that I cool in the A/C for a half-hour before using..

Storms-Cool Or Scary?
Cool…it’s the fabulous throbbing that I feel in my veins sometimes…reminds me I’m alive.

Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli?
I guess…they have stems?

If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice?
Magician blue

Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In.
Mumbai, Delhi, Aqaba, and Pune

Favorite Sports To Watch:

One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You:
No-one sent it to me, but if someone did, I’d imagine him/ her to have sparkling wit and an open heart

What’s Under Your Bed?
The oxygen repository of a boogeyman

Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again?
Yes…but with good, good judgment

Morning Person Or Night Owl?
Both, I think

Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up?
Don’t eat eggs anymore…but nothing tastes better than having them raw with a pinch of salt, pepper, and chilli power mixed in mustard oil

Favorite Place To Relax
Anywhere by the sea

Favorite Pie:
Used to be mince, but now, I think I’ll go for banana-cream (Since I'm vegetarian and all)

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Malai (in Naturals. It’s not the same as Vanilla…and nothing is quite the same as this!)

You pass this tag to –
The oxygenated boogeyman… :-D


Edited to add: Non-entity is the oxygenated boogeyman. Go on and list up, non!


Nonentity said...

pass it to me. pass it to me. please. please. please ...

Nancy said...

Actually ISH has tagged u. it is thru her blog i came here.

p.s - ISH is iscribblehere if u dont knw who i'm talking about:-). Yeah i dont know her name & its high time i found out;-).


I scribble here said...

Hey i did ask u!!

I scribble here said...

sparkling wit and an open heart.. yes, i would like to beleive that :P..
and i like marie claire too, i forgot to mention that

Ajeya said...

How's Sirf?

Mukta said...

Hi Nancy,

Yep...thanks..I just checked...And 'ISH',eh? Nice!

Hi Scribble,

:-) Yep..Thanks for asking me...no-one ever does...

Hi Ajeya,

It's okay. I didn't think it was very bad. :-)

Lost Soul said...

Hi Mukta,
Hope you're doing well . This is Supriya from Chennai , ex-WB, used to work with Abhishek. Please do visit my new blog www.supriyas-musings.blogspot.com. and leave your comments..I'd appreciate that. Really.
As sual, great post!