Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Happy Happy! Joy Joy Joy!

My exultant heart gurgles forth with sprays of joy. I had the most amazing auto-rickshaw ride this morning.

I missed my office bus by three minutes. Painful curses were piercing my heart at the time, but seeing three empty rickshaws outside Fine Arts gallery dissipated all of them. One auto for every minute that I had missed the bus by. Poetic justice and metaphoric moments are quite lovely!

All of them were very willing to take me to Marol. I got into the first one and started bundling up my head with a dupatta, bracing for that horror of a road strip – Asalpha. But, I seemed to be traveling in a Mumbai of 1982. The air was fresh, traffic was light, and cars kept moving. We jalopied around bends of the Ghatkopar station in idyllic pace; I could actually see stringy branches swaying to some sort of breeze (there is no semblance to a natural element in this area.) The auto gamboled all through Asalpha, at a really smooth, easy comfortable hustle. I could see peaceful, sleepy cows chewing cud and a man with a pink face chuckling into his mobile phone.

I reached office early and decided to climb up 5 floors. Upon reaching my destination, I glided through the doors without so much as a gasp. I can now positively attest to the truth that happiness makes your heart stronger.

When I went down for brecker, the idlis were soft, the saambar was tasty, and the chai actually tasted as if it had milk and sugar. (Another 15 minutes and I’d be having the third batch of diluted slop.)

This morning, I could actually sing to work..or perhaps even get pink-faced and chuckle into the phone. Pity no-one called.

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The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:) I think you should write a little book called "the autorickshaw chronicles".

the joy is infectious in this post.