Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Difficult morning

I yelled at an autorickshaw fellow today. I’m feeling very bad about it.

There were two autorickshaw fellows outside Fine Arts gallery in Chembur. I asked both of them if either would take me to Marol. Both nodded yes, and then started persuading each other to take me. The first guy told the other guy to take me, the second guy told me to sit in the first auto, and as I was getting into the first auto, the guy told me to get down and go to the second auto.

I yelled very loudly. In cartoons, sometimes when a character is being yelled at, you can see his hair being brushed back because of the force of the sound. It seemed the same way with the auto guy. I shouted really hard. I stopped only when my thorax started aching. The second guy who acquiesced to take me told me to calm down.

Lately, with whatever has been happening in the city, in the world, etc., it is very important to be courteous. The last few weeks, I had been trying to consciously not lose my patience with people.

I failed today. I meant to apologize to the auto-fellow and his friend. But by the time I paid up, the guy rode away.

My chest still hurts and feels heavy with a knot of ill. My body will not forget this…But I am really sorry.

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Nonentity said...

don't feel bad. if i was there, i wouldn't whacked them too!! the world does not need courtsey. it needs some serious disciplining .. like all 8 yr spoilt brats do .. like show the wrath of Gods and all and see how sodom is destroyed and a better city built. :)