Thursday, February 07, 2008

Time to get it back

Also annoying is how my pens keep disappearing from around me. I just got a really fine pen from the ‘stationery department’ – which is basically the receptionist when she’s not too busy to hand out pens and papers.

Then I, so beguilingly, put it on my table and went for lunch (which was fruits and curd, by the way – trying to keep it healthy). When I came back, there’s no pen.

I can’t even go and get another one now. Will have to wait until the incident of getting pen fades from receptionist’s memory.

Or I could whack someone else’s pen, right? Nope. I want a new pen to call my own. (I wonder how many adorable sheep have thought the same way.)

Sheep…pen…get it?(chuckles ‘sheepishly’; chuckles even louder now.)


Serendipity said...

:) sheep : barn? pig:pen?

Mukta said...


DewdropDream said...

hahahahahaha!!!! Great to know am not the only one who makes obscure jokes and finds them hilarious!

As for your pen, why not choose a really nice fountain pen... and to prevent it being stlen tape a note to it saying 'Stolen from Mukta'. ;)

J said...

of course you can go and get a new pen. it's just a pen, you can go get as many as you want. afterall you "work" for that office. tell her someone picked it up, it happens all the time. if she says no, 'escalate' the issue to yuor lead.