Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Solace for a tiring day

It has been such a tiring day today, but also really effective. You learn so much by simply being around intelligent people – people who sift the wheat from the chaff, who mentally have a list of priorities and align their time to this list; if something doesn’t help them accomplish something, they don’t worry about it. I like this attitude. When you know what the small stuff is, you don’t sweat it. This makes you composed and so much more pleasant to work with. You are not hassled, you do everything with a purpose, and you don’t come across like a pouch of scattered seeds. Efficient people are no-nonsense, but also human, I think. They will help you out because they want you up to speed in the best way and shortest time possible.

My head is aching, although I just had a nice plate of very tasty sev upma with the sweet tamarind chutney that you get with samosas. I want to think of something soothing.

What comes to mind is an evening in Bandra. I was nine years old, I think, and was playing hide-and-seek with my friends. I hid in a sooty, abandoned garage and waited for the ‘denner’ to come looking. From where I hid, I could see a strip of an evening sky freckled with dancing leaves and little rabbit-tail tufts of clouds. Suddenly, from somewhere, I heard music. Flute.

I didn’t find out where it came from…although it set a beautiful lilting melody to one day in my childhood.

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Priyanka said...

Aww. How nostalgic!