Friday, November 30, 2007

Upon leaving November

I think I have quite a gift for thinking up recipes. They may have existed before, but since I didn’t know of them when I thought of them, they’ll remain my discovery.

Here’s my version of the egg paratha.

Now, I eat a lot of eggs. Especially in the form of curry. Most times, I eat the regular egg curry with garam masala and tomatoes. But it’s easy to get tired of. So, sometimes, I have egg curry that is cooked in onions, tomatoes, and ginger to which a little soya sauce and/ or blackbean sauce is added. Then, once the egg curry is made, I like to chop up a few eggs from the curry into itsy pieces – the size of chopped onions when you slice them for an omlette.

Then I use this chopped up egg as stuffing for the parathas. To make the paratha more flavorful, it’s good to add two or three spoonfuls of curry to the dough while you knead it. One could add chilli powder and coriander for the zing, but it works just as well without.

This paratha comes out nice and thick and packs in all the satiety of a good, yummy lunch.

And with that flip of the paratha pan, I bid November goodbye.

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Nonentity said...

yum! yum! i think i'll go for a second b'fast, this sleepy monday morning.