Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Now is the later I'll never have

I was in bed, having strange dreams that involved a psychedelic mouse. Woke to a lazy drizzle and the comfort of knowing that I have completed all my pending assignments and have nowhere to go. Brushed my teeth and had some tea. Went back to bed and extricated the book I was reading from under the covers.

Spent three hours of glorious, sharp, uninterrupted reading.

Walked to the kitchen where mom had made me something I had casually asked for yesterday and forgotten.

So, settled down to have a slice of crisp, flaky quiche with tangy onion and mushroom filling. And a large cup of nice, hot coffee. Both made by Ma.

It’s time to go back under the covers.

I bid adieu to time well-spent
In a home raging with love
I bid adieu to mornings that went
Unbidden to skies above
I say hello to a peeping moon
That shouldn’t be out just yet
It replies with a cheeky grin
Perched on a lacy cloud that’s wet
It’s the nature of farewells to haunt
With memories of the first greeting
It’s in the mechanics of all things beautiful
To be brittle, perhaps, and fleeting
There are the trodden prints of time
Through every void you look
The final journey of an innocent age
Is to return to the bed and the book.


Anonymous said...

the lines...awesome...

Leziblogger said...


Mukta said...

Hi there!

anon - thank you. :-D

Leziblogger! How have you been? Haven't seen you around for a while...busy, eh?

the mad momma said...

that was beautiful. and so you are tagged for an award. do collect.

suparna said...

that was priceless, the verse. Have been gushing abt it all day, saw it first thing in the morning. It brought back a lot of people in the farewell-to-first-greeting reversed connection that i so love too.
And the blog-link has reached them all because you had the words for it and i didnt

Anonymous said...

you know mukta, i was reading through your blog.. (for the first time, thanks mad momma!) and i came across these lines from this post... http://reve3.blogspot.com/2007/08/aunt-now.html
"I wonder when that will happen. Somewhere deep in the cosmos, where dreams and wishes rest before they rise and fill up people’s lives, my little baby is sleeping. I feel happy and peaceful when I think about this."
and it brought tears in my eyes coz before my daughter came into my life 9 months ago, this is exactly how i thought about her.
I hope your sleeping baby lights up your life one day soon :-)

Mukta said...

Hi mad momma,

Thank you! :-) You are too kind.

Hi Suparna,

Am glad you liked it. It seems to me I write best on a full stomach. he he! Seriously, all my pieces of good writing are somehow linked to food.

Hi Anon,

Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. As for my baby lighting up my life...yes, am waiting for that day when it comes. :-) What is your baby's name? I'll keep my daughter's name Aria. :-D

Well Heeled said...


Anonymous said...

Her name is Neena :-)

Leziblogger said...

Kinda Busy, yeah but generally catch up with your blog regularly, just that don't comment so frequently!

Mukta said...

Hi well-heeled,

Thanks. By the way, your blog is pretty snazzy too. :-)

Hi Anon,

Neena. very cute. There was a sitcom a few years ago: 'Just Shoot Me'. There was a character in there called 'Nina'. I really liked her.

Hey lezi,
I'll be really busy with my work from October 1st as well.:-D

N said...

While we are at baby names, I am going to call my pair Agustya and Abhaya.

Madhuri Shinde said...

Hmmm...'The final journey of the innocent age...' well thought and written:)