Wednesday, June 27, 2007

For future reference

This is a moment I would like to file away for times when I get fed up with my job. Or office. Or Noida. Or Delhi. Or life.

The office lunch, today, was excellent. ‘Kiss the cook’ type of excellence in dish after dish. There is a common notion that food in office canteens is bad. Our caterer, in a definite sweep, has thrashed this idea to smithereens.

He served kheema that tasted like it was cooked for a nawab. (Not Saif per se, but I don’t know what he eats, so maybe him too.) It was stewed, flavored, and cooked with tender peas to meticulous perfection. It was flavored, not spicy. It melted in the mouth without the aid of extra lard. And this wasn’t the kheema at ‘Bukhara’ or ‘Kareem’s’ or ‘Jashn’. This was kheema served for office lunch and had for free.

And before I hailed this as piece de resistance, out came the dessert. A fabulously composed bowl of Shahi Tukra.

When such fantastic things happen on ordinary days, it takes a force of will to be a pessimist.

And my next job change is when this caterer moves from here.


Collection Of Stars said...

"And my next job change is when this caterer moves from here." :)
That was a great post and I wish we got such food in our cafeteria.

Nonentity said...

mmm... love shahi tukda. it's been ages since i had some ...

Sigma said...

Ahhh .. I too wish we could get such quality of food in our cafeteria ...

"And my next job change is when this caterer moves from here."
How about getting a job as the chef's apprentice ? ;-) And if you decide not to go for it, please refer me for it :-D

shub said...

hahaha! sensible move, that would be! :)

Mukta said...

Hi stars,

What kind of food do you get in your cafetaria?

Hello non,

I think I had seen a ready mix or something for Shahi tukda. You can make it at home. :-)

Hi Sigma,
:-) Well, I would rather be a tatser or something, you know. Being a chef's apprentice is hard work. Sure you want it?

Hi Shub,
It would, na? Seriously a clean loo in the workplace and good food. It makes a whole lot of difference.

Jay Sun said...

LOL :)