Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Appetite and eating

There is nothing new about me eating a lot. However, the last week has me a little worried. I think I go through a week’s provision at every meal, and this doesn’t count the amount I keep grazing off and on.

The thing is, despite the enormous amount of consumption, I don’t feel uneasy. I, in this heat of nearly 40 degree C, can digest - an omlette of 4 eggs, 4 chapattis, 6 jalebis, 5 bowls of dal, 1 helping of salad, 1 plate of pani puri (6 suji puris), 3 bowls of vegetables, 1 glass of rum and coke, and 1 platter (not plate) of sheek kababs.

And this is one day. And this has been happening for over a couple of weeks.

Strangely, other than the niggling notion that I shouldn’t be eating so much considering my level of activity, I feel okay. I don’t feel stuffed; I don’t feel that ‘I can’t have another bite for the rest of the day’. As soon as it’s time for the next meal, there I am sitting in front of a heaped plate, waiting to finish it off.

I have done mindless eating before. But usually after going through a big packet of chips or several burgers, I have felt queasy. I have not enjoyed the stuff I have eaten. In fact, I have regretted snacking, and I genuinely, at that moment, regard the consumption as junk.

But lately, it isn’t like that. I enjoy every little bit. As I eat, I know that I can comfortably finish off whatever I have taken and go for seconds and thirds.

I seriously wonder if I am developing some kind of a bottomless pit.

In Delhi, this seems to be happening around the last ten days of every month. My appetite suddenly jump starts and actually finds food delightful. I mean, I have always loved food, but this feeling is different. It’s as if something inside of me (my stomach, to be precise) is inviting all the happy food groups to come in for a party.

Like when I get excited on a Friday evening, I decide to go for a movie. Then I invite my friends, I invite the friends of my friends, and anyone they know - let’s ALL go for a movie.
I am taking a similar approach with food now. I see kadi and I take some to be had with a small mound of rice, and then the plate needs something else, so a bowl of dal and raita follow. What about the raddish and carrot? Come on over!

I have always had a very hearty appetite. A couple of years ago, I was suffering from malaria. The doctor told mom that my appetite would be weak for a few days until I recovered fully; it was normal. Grubby me slurped through gallons of chicken and onion soup the same evening. Mom worriedly called up the doctor to ask her if that was normal.

I think I should seriously get a grip and stop Bon Appetiting soon.

But all that food just feels so good.


Neo said...

Aap apna transfer south india mein le lijeye aapki problem solve ho jayegi....
sambhar + rasam + beetroot ki sabji = ummmmmm !! mujhe aaj bhuk nai hai :P

Perspective Inc said...

Ooh now you got me hungry..

shub said...

Yay! Finally someone whose appetite I can relate to! :D And only when I'm enjoying a really good meal I go really quiet except for the occasional sigh and smack of the lips :D

Leziblogger said...

To be able to eat whatever you like and feel good about it is a very lucky state to be in, isn't it?

A few times every year, I get this craving to indulge into food heavily and I generally give in. The only thing to watch out I guess, is not to put on much weight!

Anumita said...

Did I read SALADS?!!! Did I read right?!!!

Anonymous said...

aapka wajan kitna hei Muktaji?

Anonymous said...

u sure u r not pregnant