Friday, March 30, 2007

Strange and funny like

We have a small police chowki inside our colony. (How imperial that sounds - our colony.) The most action I have seen there are the Nirula delivery guys carrying boxes of pizzas inside, some scuffle for change and such like.

Otherwise, the place is just a landmark for me to locate the lane that leads home. Despite that, I get lost every single time I enter the colony, but that’s another story. (I am stupid - that’s the story.)

So, last evening, as I ambled along a dark, leafy lane, two guys on a motorcycle approached me.

‘Where is C-65?’, one of them asked politely.

‘I don’t know’, I replied. ‘But there’s the police station right there. You can ask there’, I volunteered, all in the spirit of co-operative humanity.

The guy is silent for a while. As I continued my amble, he called me again, ‘Madam, one minute....’

Madam waited.

The guy took off his helmet and asked me quite earnestly, ‘Did I misbehave with you or anything? Why did you tell me to go to the police station?’

Now madam is jolted. I tried to assuage him. ‘No, no, nothing like that. I just thought they would know where the house is, that’s all....’

He wasn’t listening to me but apologizing in a flurry. ‘I am sorry if there was any badtameezi, madam, but I only wanted to know....’

I didn’t quite know how to respond. I tried to calm him down and told him he was far from ill-mannered, etc. but he went on and on. His partner had gone off on a separate expedition to find out where C-65 was.

In the mean time, the Nirula delivery man, now on his way, happened to over hear our little rant of miscommunication.

Turned out, he was going to C-65 next and the guys could follow him if they wanted to.

I wonder if any of the Nirula snack was offered to the un-badtameez guy.

On another note, I saw a small bird shed purple droppings on the terrace.

A man’s mind, a bird’s tummy ... who knows what’s going on in there, right?


Altoid said...

Ma'am :)

Nice read. I was wondering if it was just me or the font was slightly too big for comfortable reading in the new template. I get the feeling of reading a hardcover in Large Print.

Maybe it IS just me!

If it is, ignore and enjoy :)

a regular reader :) said...

When men tease you curse them and when men try to be gentle you make fun of them, I was just wondering how do I behave with you as a guy?

Mukta said...

Hi altoid,

Actually, this is the 'normal' font size. You think it is too big? I couldn't read the smaller font size myself, but I'll give it a shot next time. :-)

Hi regular,

I wasn't making fun of the man. Come on! You've got to admit, it was a rather humorous situation.

Jay Sun said...

hmmm...i miss Nirula's...particularly the Hot Chocolate Fudge... :)

Mukta said...

Shucks! You won't believe this Jay Sun, but a friend of mine was JUST telling me that some people swear by the Hot Chocolate Fudge of Nirulas. :-)

Nonentity said...

i completely understand. cy has chicken pox. and last evening, i was wondering around the building pretty agitated due to some reason and this aunty accosted me, "is that your cycle?". what went on after that was unfortunate. i was pretty out of nerves anyways and maybe i talked sharply, but the building manager came soon after ringing the doorbell, urging me to move my bicycle 'immediately'. which i did. i was wondering if i should go to that aunty's house and make peace ...

Nonentity said...

that's '..wandering'. :)

Nonentity said...

Happy Birthday Angel .. :) 3rd April is the best day of the year ... :)

Mukta said...

Thank you so much J. Miss you. Really miss you today. :-)

this is me said...

funnily touching.
or perhaps touchingly funny.
perhaps both.